Classic Awnings is a full service company.  
Our services include :

Yearly service :

Yearly service involves "put up" in the spring and "take down" in the fall.  If we provide this service, we will also store your awning for you during the inclement off season.
Cost is determined by the size of your awning and the location of your home.

Cleaning :

Cleaning service is available and recommended for acrylic fabrics on an "as-needed basis" or after 4-5 years from purchase.  After the first cleaning, however, it is recommended that your awning be cleaned every 2-3 years.
Our process involves soaking and hand-scrubbing the entire awning. After throroughly drying, it is then water-proofed in our shop prior to reinstallation.  We have experienced excellent results with this process.  
Cleaning can prolong the life of your awning and will often enhance its appearance.
Cost is determined by total awning size.